Video Tribute

A video tribute is a custom designed DVD video production combining a sequence of photos, paintings, drawings, poems, etc. synchronized to music. Video tributes allow us to create a video that helps the family share special moments and celebrates the life of a loved one. It recalls special memories in which loved ones are remembered for a lifetime. The video tribute becomes a treasured keepsake for the family to share with generations to come.

The process to design and produce a video tribute begins by scanning and converting the family's photos into digital images. Then, we use an image-editing program to enhance the quality of each photo before adding the background, effects, text and music selections. The video elements are then synchronized and compiled to produce the final DVD. We have state-of-the-art computers and software that allows us to offer the family a customized video tribute. Being able to design and produce the video tribute in house by our own staff is important to insure quality, personalization and to assure that the tribute is ready to enhance the visitation and/or service.

The final DVD video can be produced to fit any television and can be uploaded to the Goodwin  Funeral Home & Crematory website providing online viewing via the internet. By publishing the video tribute to our website, we provide our families a convenient way to share these memories with relatives and friends across town, across the country or the world. For those family members and friends that would like their own keepsake, additional DVD copies are available.

Video tributes can be designed and produced to commemorate any occasion such as anniversaries, family reunions, weddings, graduations, birthdays, retirements and community events. Our staff can create a video tribute for anyone in our community - it's a great way to celebrate all of life's memories.

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