Services Available

Goodwin Funeral Home & Crematory provides personal services to meet the special nees of family members as they celebrate a life. Although not a complete list, the following provides an example of the wide range of services available.

The Funeral Service (Traditional or Contemporary)

This service includes viewing hours, a gathering of family and friends for a tribute ceremony held at the funeral home or church, the presence of an opened or closed casket, and an order of service followed by burial or cremation. Family members may choose to participate in the personalization of this service.

A Graveside Service

This is a service of remembrance held at the grave of columbarium in the cemetery of the presence of the casket or urn. Viewing hours are always an option at the funeral home.

A Memorial Service

This service, gathering, or memorial reception can be a simplified version of a traditional service, or it may be pesonally designed by the family to meet their specific needs. It is usually held at one of our chapels or at a location of your choice. The casket is usually not there, but an urn may be present along with photographs and other memorabilia. Our video and sound equipment is available to enhance this experience.

Cremation Services

At Goodwin Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer a variety of cremation choices with or without viewing, tribute, gathering, ceremony or memorial service. Goodwin Funeral Home owns and operates our own Crematory facility here in Trigg County, Western KY Cremation Care Center.

Bereavement Adjustment Series

Goodwin Funeral Home & Crematory offers a “Bereavement Adjustment Series.” The Grief Seminar is one evening a week for six weeks and is offered twice a year. There is no charge for the program, and it is open to the public. Mary Foster, an employee with the Pennyroyal Center, is the facilitator, and she has many years of experience in this field and brings a better understanding of grief to those in need. Support groups enable people with a common bond to share and assist one another. A bereavement support group provides a safe place for sharing pain, struggles, successes, and hopes with other people whose similar experiences facilitate understanding. Our goal is to start a weekly support group at Goodwin Funeral Home to better serve the public.

You can now go to the Grief Support Group each Tuesday from 10:00 am - 11:00 am at the John L. Street Library Conference Room.